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  • -My first is the two letters which begin the alphabet,
    -My second is the Past Tense of the verb "to send",
    -My whole is the antonim of present ...


  • -My first is what we say when we agree,
    -My second is the first syllable of the word "terribly",
    -My third is the antonim of "night",
    -My whole is the day before today ...


  • -My first is what we do when your hands are dirty,
    -My second is the suffix of Participle I,
    -My third is the letter that comes after "s",
    -My fourth is a preposition,
    -My whole is the capital of a state ...


  • -My first is the indefinite article,
    -My second is the synonim of "wide"
    -My whole means "in a foreign country" ...


  • -My first is a verb which helps to make tenses,
    -My second is not high but its antonym,
    -My whole is the antonym of "above" ...


  • -My first is the indefinite article,
    -My second means "to go to the other side of the street",
    -My whole is a preposition ...


  • -My first is a negative prefix,
    -My second is a preposition,
    -My third we use when speaking about music,
    -My whole is unhappiness ...


  • -My first is a preposition,
    -My second is a synonym of "receive",
    -My whole is the antonym of of "remember" …


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