Детский портал - Дом детей - Первый для детей


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    A B C D E F G
    come on out and play with me.
    H I J
    come and play.
    K L M
    come with them.
    N O P
    near the tree.
    Q R S T U V
    Oh, how happy we will be.
    W X Y Z
    Lot's of fun for you and me.

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
    Catch a tiger by the toe.
    If he hollers, let him go,
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

    One for sorrow,
    two for joy,
    three for a girl,
    four for a boy,
    five for silver,
    six for gold,
    seven for a secret,
    never to be told,
    eight for a wish,
    nine for a kiss,
    ten for a time
    of joyous bliss.

    One little bee blew and flew.
    He met a friend, and that made two.
    Two little bees, busy as could be -
    Along came another and that made three.
    Three little bees, wanted one more,
    Found one soon and that made four.
    Four little bees, going to the hive.
    Spied their little brother, and that made five.
    Five little bees working every hour -
    Buzz away, bees, and find another flower.

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